Cydia Tweaks

I started jailbreaking when I bought my first iPhone, which was in February 2011. For those who don’t know what jailbreaking is, read here. Jailbreaking was the best decision I ever made and I still don’t understand why some people won’t do so to their iOS devices.

In a nutshell, jailbreaking enables you to perform a lot of functions that would have otherwise been prohibited by Apple. Below is an example:

iPhone 5 Screen

IMG_1691  IMG_1692

The right screenshot shows a tweak called SBSettings, which lets you toggle functions like activating bluetooth or adjusting screen brightness quickly from the main screen without needing to go into Settings. The left screenshot shows a modified Notification Centre which can only be achieved by tweaking your iOS (no app on the App Store would let you show a blurred and transparent Notification Centre). I’ve also installed a tweak called Favorite Contacts for Notification Center that lets me speed dial  these contacts from the Notification Centre. The middle screenshot shows 5 icons on the dock, a modified carrier name (‘Khey’) and a custom font. Jailbreaking is what enables these modifications and there’s so much more you can do with a jailbroken device!

Here is a list of my recommended tweaks for both the iPhone and iPad that you can download from Cydia. Some are well known-others, not so much.

Action Menu

Action Menu Plus

Activator – I hate Assistive Touch and the fact that it won’t disappear from the screen when not in use. The Activator is better than the Assistive Touch because it allows you to pretty much activate any application or function using gestures. For example, you can set on Activator so that swiping the centre menu bar from left to right would make the SBSettings window pop up.

AdBlocker – Blocks ads on Safari and other apps.

AdBlockerNetworks – Specifically blocks adds appearing on Cydia. You will need to add the following source first:

AirBlue Sharing -This paid tweak lets you send files or pictures over Bluetooth to any non-iOS device.

Airplane SBSettings Toggle


Attachments+ for Mail  – Easily attach any kind of file from within the Mail app by simply double-tapping the titlebar.

AskToCall – If you tend to accidentally call someone like I do, this tweak can be handy.


biteSMS – Definitely the best Messaging app around!


BrowseInApp – Opens web links in the app you were using, without having to switch to a browser.

Bulletin – Enables the Notification Center on lockscreen.

BytaFont – Download the tweak first before downloading the various fonts they have available.

CameraTweak – I stumbled upon this tweak when I was looking for a camera timer and found that it also offers other enhancements. This tweak changes the display of the camera app quite significantly, so if you’re looking for a simpler camera timer tweak, try CamTime instead. I think CameraTweak looks better on the iPad than the iPhone.

Cylay – Security settings for stolen iOS devices.

Direct Control – Double press your Home button and the music controls will always show up first on the switcher.

DismissMyKeyboard (for iPhone)

Downloader – The best YouTube downloader. No matter how long the video is, you can download it with MxTube.

Emblem – Get OS X-like notifications on your iPad.

Enable Copy text in Facebook

f.lux – This nifty tweak enables your iOS device to automatically adjust the screen’s brightness, depending on the time of day. It works well to prevent eye strain when you’re viewing your device in the dark.

FakeCarrier – Change your carrier name.

Favorite Contacts for Notification Center – Works best on the iPhone and not the iPad.

Five Icon Dock (for the iPhone)


FullForce for iPhone – Although the iPhone 5 has been released for some time, some applications still retain their iPhone 4 screen dimensions. This tweak stretches the app to fit the whole length of the iPhone 5’s taller screen. I find this tweak better than Screen Extender.

iCleaner – A really good app/tweak to remove unnecessary files from your device and therefore freeing up more memory. It can remove more than just caches, cookies or temporary files.

IconRotator – Your icons will follow your screen’s orientation automatically.


Instahancer – Saves Instagram pics to the Camera Roll.

InstaSave – Saves Twitter pics to the Camera Roll.

IPA Installer – Installs apps directly from your device. No need for iTunes.

Jukebox – I find this to be best tweak for controlling your music from the Notification Centre.

LockInfo 5 (for iPhone)

ManualCorrect Pro – Type without having AutoCorrect butcher your sentences!

MapsOpener – Opens links in Google Maps instead of the native Maps app.

Merge – Combines messages by contact in the Message app.

MessageSwiper – Read messages easily by simply swiping from left or right of your screen.


Nitrous – Speeds up JavaScript.

NoNewsIsGoodNews – Hides the Newsstand app.

NoVoiceMail (for iPhone)


PasswordPilot Pro – Auto inserts your Apple ID password. This Pro version enables you to store more than 1 App Store account.

PDF Printer for Safari


Personal Hotspot SBSettings

PhotoAlbums+ for iPhone/iPad – This paid tweak lets you move pictures from the Camera Roll to any other album. It also let’s you create and delete albums without iTunes. Definitely worth the 5 bucks for me. A cheaper alternative is the Photo Organizer Pro worth USD 0.99 only.


Remove Background – Combine this with the Activator and you can control how to instantly close apps running in the background.

RetinaPad (for iPad) – Forces iPhone apps to show full screen.

Safari Download Manager

Safari UniBar – Combines the Safari address and search bars into one. This tweak works best for the iPhone. For the iPad, I find a similar tweak called Safari OmniBar to be better.


Screenshot Dam – A handy tweak to have if you want to keep screenshots out of the Photo Stream.

SplitMail (for iPad) – For a better look of your Mail app on iPad.

SpringFlash (for iPhone) – Combine this with Springflash SBSettings Toggle.

SwipeSelection – Similar to SwipeShiftCaret below. Especially good for the iPad.

SwipeShiftCaret – Watch the video here to see what the tweak does.

Tabs+ – Open more than 9 tabs on Safari.


tsManager A – Manage multiple App store accounts easily.

TweetAmplius – Tweet more than 140 characters.

UnlimTones – Download or create ringtones direct from your iOS, without having to sync them first to iTunes. This tweak is easy to use, free and lets you fade the audio.

User Agent Faker – Automatically shows the browser in desktop mode instead of the mobile version.

vShare – Since Installous is no longer running, vShare is pretty much the best replacement app, although I think Installous is far more reliable.

WinterBoard – Manage custom themes.

Wraparound – Scroll your home screen pages endlessly.

Zephyr – You can swipe the screen from bottom to top to get to the home screen without hitting the Home button.

3G Unrestrictor 5


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