At 30,000 feet above Ground

It was Christmas Eve, 2005.

An hour into my flight from Sydney to Geneva I thought, what the hell am I doing???

To this day, that remains the longest flight of my life, with over 30 hours of air travel as well as the three hours by car from Canberra to Sydney, prior to the flight. I had spent a number of months planning a two-month trip to Europe, and I was so excited with planning that the thought of things going wrong did not occur until I was in the air, unable to undo everything; thoughts like, what happens if I die on the plane not having anyone I know with me; what if I end up not having a place to stay in Europe; what if I don’t like this trip and I’m screwed for the next 2 months? These and other thoughts like them quickly crowded my mind, and I went into a quiet panic attack. My only distraction from an approaching breakdown was the Qantas flight attendants wearing Santa’s hats, bringing on the Christmas spirit as they offered drinks along the aisle.

Luckily, all that worrying was for nothing. The trip turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I look forward to taking another Euro Trip in the future.


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