Best cupcakes in the world!

DC Cupcakes (Watermarked)When I travelled to the States for a month, I didn’t have a definitive plan of what to do or where to go and what to see. One thing I did know I had to do when I go to DC is to pop in Georgetown Cupcakes. Yep, I am a HUGE fan of cupcakes! I knew I wanted to taste their designer cupcakes, even though I never really followed the popular TV show on which the store is based on. Indeed, Georgetown Cupcakes fulfilled my expectations!

Before I even spotted the store on M Street, Northwest Washington, I noticed the line of customers first. After about 15 minutes of lining up, a friend who was a local ordered for me a box of cupcakes that was pretty much a mix of everything – I just made sure he included red velvet as it’s my absolute favourite. DC Cupcakes was one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted in my life! It’s a good size with a good cake to icing ratio. They definitely have the cutest selections, too.

What I didn’t know coming into the States was that another popular cupcake brand existed: Sprinkles. And OH MY GOD, Sprinkles turned out to be better than Georgetown Cupcakes! If Georgetown Cupcakes are the pride of the east coast, Sprinkles is native to Beverly Hills, California. I was obsessed with their Red Velvet and cream cheese frosting that the 2 – 3 weeks I spent in California, there probably wasn’t a day that I didn’t have Sprinkles’ Red Velvet. I was well on my way to getting diabetes, for sure. Sprinkles’ frosting is a bit different to the typical cupcake – it’s definitely more dense; the kind that won’t as easily melt when you take it away in a box and accidentally leave it in the car for a couple of hours. The frosting isn’t as fancy as Georgetown Cupcakes or the typical cupcake with swirls, but it just tastes perfect. The cake itself is very moist and they are bigger than the average cupcake – very much worth the 4 bucks, each!

DC Cupcakes 02 (Watermarked)

Sprinkles (Watermarked)Another cool thing about Sprinkles is their cupcake machine, dubbed the Cupcake ATM. It’s said to hold 600 cupcakes and dispense freshly baked cupcakes anytime of the day – perfect for midnight munchies.

I did try out other cupcake brands when I was in the States (Baked by Melissa and Magnolia Bakery in New York, Crumbs and several other brands that I don’t remember), but DC Cupcakes and Sprinkles were definitely the best. Sprinkles may be a bit better than DC Cupcakes :p


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